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 As we go into the holiday season, there is an opportunity for home buyers in Las Vegas real estate market. December has always been the slowest month for home sales here and it looks like this December will be more of the same. We are already seeing a slow down in home showings which is normal for the week before Thanksgiving. If you are already approved for a loan or plan on paying cash, now would be a great time to put in an offer. It is nothing more than the supply and demand principle. The supply is high and the demand is lower over the next 6 weeks. Here are a few tips that could save you thousands.

  1. Have your real estate agent email you all recent comparable sales in the subdivision of the home you are interested in. Comparables need to be

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Why do our clients choose to work with us?

 There are a lot of choices in today’s market and probably the most important decision is picking the right company to represent your best interests. Many of our clients give us feedback and the number one reason is experience in the Las Vegas market. Most clients want a Realtor that is full time and knows the market well. Las Vegas is still at the top in foreclosures around the nation. The reason is because we were the fastest growing city in the nation for many years and the investors saw Las Vegas as the place to buy. A large percentage of the investors bought homes with little or no money down and when the bottom fell out, and they could not sell, they walked away. The banks had to foreclose and much to

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 With all the reality shows on cable now regarding buying homes that need repairs and flipping them for a profit, I thought you mite like some advice. As a real estate broker that has been involved in the Las Vegas real estate market for over 20 years, I have seen the peaks and valleys of this market. Indicators tell us to look for more foreclosures to come on the market for 2016 and 2017 and many of these properties will be potential flips. The best flips will be the ones that need major repairs or the home has been stripped or damaged to reduce the value substantially. Just to let you know, these properties would need to be purchased in cash because a lender will not loan money on a home that will not appraise. A lot of the banks will sell these homes

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What about Open Houses


 This question comes up quite often regarding the best way to market a property. A lot of clients think that is an effective way to get potential buyers to tour you home. Several of the Las Vegas reality TV shows are doing open houses and claim the homes are selling quickly with this method. This makes for interesting television but it is not really the case. The real truth is this: open houses are done mostly to generate leads for the real estate agent and are a very ineffective way to sell a home. This is well known in the real estate industry but not discussed much with clients. I read an article in a trade magazine recently that compared an open house to taking your car to a busy intersection, putting for sale signs and

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Home Staging, is it worth it? 


Staging your home can really help the sale and can make the difference between a buyer wanting to make an offer or just moving on to the next property. A lot of buyers can not visualize what a home would look like furnished so they do not see themselves living in the space. There is a real knack to staging so if you are not very artistic or you don’t enjoy interior decorating, you may want to hire a professional stager. I will warn you upfront, stagers can be pricy. If the home is vacant, the stager can decorate to compliment the architecture of the home. A good example would be walking into a model home that has been professionally decorated. It is much easier to sell than if it was vacant. Here are a few tips I

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Am I getting a good deal?



 When first time home buyers start their search, they are concerned that they may miss something. No one wants to find out that they paid too much for their home or that they did not shop around enough. Buying a home is probably the single most important and expensive purchase that most people will make in their lives. Not everyone has the same wants and needs. A good agent is a good listener and lets the client pick the criteria that fits their lifestyle. If the area of town is the main focus then that is where you should concentrate your search. We encourage our clients to look at all the homes in their price range and area of town. It is similar to the saying “leave no stone unturned”. This strategy helps the

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How to check the property condition

You found the home that you really like. It is in the preferred school district for the kids and within 10 minutes from work. The back yard is large enough for your two dogs and room to ad the pool that you have always dreamed about. After three days of negotiating, your offer is accepted and escrow will be opened tomorrow. How can you, as the buyer, be certain that this home is structurally sound and in good mechanical condition? Most real estate contracts in Nevada have a due- diligence period. 10 days due- diligence is very common. This means that the seller is agreeing to let the buyer check the property and if there are any issues , the buyer can exercise their right to cancel the contract and have all earnest

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 The best news for the week is that the Feds did not raise the interest rates. This leaves that window of opportunity open to take advantage of historic low interest rates. We always advise our clients to shop around and make sure there is no prepayment penalty on the loan they secure. The Las Vegas real estate market is still considered a “seller’s market” mainly because of supply and demand. We are still seeing multiple offers on properties 200,000 and below because there are less available and investors want them for rental properties. We are still getting questions regarding the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure so I wanted to share this with you.

 What is a foreclosure and are they the best buys?

 A foreclosure on the MLS will

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You finally found the home you want. You have spent months searching and your Realtor has shown you so many homes that you can’t remember one from another.

You knew the minute you walked in the door that this is the one. The floor plan is perfect and the kitchen is exactly what you want. Stainless steel appliances, maple cabinets and your favorite color of granite counter tops. You want to make an offer so your Realtor calls the seller’s agent to find out if this home is still available. Oh No, there are 7 other offers but the seller has not accepted anything yet. What should you do? The asking price seems reasonable and none of the other homes that you looked at in this price range even come close. Maybe that’s why there are 7 offers. Here is a list

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This week’s blog will focus on the current market conditions for the Las Vegas real estate market. Many of our clients are anticipating that interest rates will probably go up shortly so their home search is intensifying and they want to see the latest stats. Here they are.Through the month of August, 2015, median home prices have increased 10.3% from last year. (from 203,000 to 224,000 ).

The average home sales price increased by 1.7% ( from 253,279 to 257,567 ). Home sales increased 12.2% from( 2,404 to 2,697). The average days a home stays on the market dropped a little from 59 to 57. The good news is there are more listings on the market this year than last. ( 11,869 last year, 13,895 this year ). This is good news for buyers because there has been

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